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Rosaline Walters, Fairfield Advance.
October 24, 2014.

Put all the other food guides away because a new blog has spilled the beans on the best food offerings in Fairfield.

Where The West Things Are is a new blog by students Sarah Tu, Corinne Chan and Leo Mansilla started the blog as a university project at UNSW.

Growing up around Cabramatta and Canley Vale, the bloggers have pulled a lifetime of local food knowledge together to compile their top ten must-try dishes in the area. Popping up on the list is Gigino's homemade lasagna. This is what they had to say about it..

"Gigino’s lasagne makes up for all the broken promises unrealistic TV ads have been dealing you for all these years, proving once and for all that the fluffy pasta sheets, stringy cheese and tangy tomato sauce of your lasagne dreams actually exists in real life. Better yet, it’s right here in the Western Burb’s."